So tell me how does it feel
to be so alone
you wake up to find
there’s nobody home.

So tell me why do you drink
to drown all your sorrow
you made it yourself
you made yourself hollow.

And I never want to see you again
no, I never want to see you again
You always gave me problems
I never want to see you again!

So tell me how come you act
like a goddamn messiah
you think you were made to be
something bigger,better than me?

Well, at least Im not so unstable
not to know Im crushing somebody’s heart
you don’t give any warning, no mercy,
you just tear me apart.

Geri X on SoundCloud:

It’s a Geri X-mas song (cover)! :)

My drummer (Charlie Wells) painted this for me! Thank you Charlie! ♥
My drummer (Charlie Wells) painted this for me! Thank you Charlie! ♥

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97X Next Big Thing

Day 15 of the European Tour. I am in my home land. I haven’t been here since October of 2000. Its a bit puzzling and strange to be here, but I’m starting

Drive-By Truckers - God Damn Lonely Love - Live (cover) by Geri X (by mybedroomsessions)


We forgot about this OLD New Order cover that Geri X created along with Lone Wolf.  Check more details and leave some comments on the SITE.